Busy Week Ahead

Who has big weekend plans?  Not me 🙂  I have an event to go to tonight, but tomorrow and Sunday, I plan to hang around the house and get things done.  And by things, I mean a whole lot of laundry, plus I have to finish putting the ornaments on the Christmas tree.  Because it’s Christmas season at my house.

Next week, however, next week may kill me.

My choir is singing with the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra next weekend.  It’s a really cool opportunity, and I’m glad that I agreed to do the extra concert series.  That said, it’s exhausting.  Here’s my schedule for the week.

Monday – Rehearse in DC from 7:30-9:30.

Tuesday – No singing!

Wednesday – Rehearse in Baltimore from 5:30-10 (with a dinner break)

Thursday – Rehearse in Baltimore from 7:30-10

Friday – Concert in Baltimore at 8:00 pm

Saturday – Concert in (well, near) DC at 8:00 pm

Sunday – Concert in Baltimore at 3:00 pm.

Doesn’t seem too bad until you realize that Baltimore is 45 minutes away from my house without traffic and probably an hour from my office, again without traffic. So that means that with the rehearsals ending at 10pm, I probably won’t get home until 11.  And on Wednesday and Thursday, I’ll have to go straight from work to Baltimore.  I have no idea how long that drive is going to take, but for those people taking a bus provided by the choir, they’re estimating 2 hours.

I am lucky that I have a very understanding boss who will let me leave work early.

I also have a race coming up the following week, so I have to make sure to get in my training.  Thankfully, this week has been my big week (with 12 on the schedule for this Sunday, yipes!) so next week is a step back.  I should be able to get through the schedule, though I might lose my Thursday run.  Could be worse.

In some ways, preparing for these concerts is like preparing for a race.  Sometimes I enjoy the rehearsals, sometimes I hate them.  And there are weeks (like this one) where I wonder why the heck I’m doing it.  And then the concert happens and I realize that all the work was worth it.

But man, I’m going to miss sleep a whole lot.

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