Spandex: Not Just for Superheroes

charlemagne / Pixabay

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, whether you celebrated Passover, Easter, or just the coming of spring.  Speaking of the latter, I am so ready for spring, but I am not so sure about the coming of summer.  I love that I can go out on a run on the weekend and not have to bundle up like crazy, but I’m not sure that I’m looking forward to having to set my alarm for some crazy time in the morning so I can run before it gets hot.

This is why I will never move to Florida.  Also, Florida has large bugs and reptiles that will eat you.

Sadly, with summer comes the need to uncover.  And after this past week of eating like crazy (that’s what the end of Lent is all about, right?  Stuffing your face?) the idea of wearing anything even remotely revealing is kind of horrifying.  Not to mention that triathlon means spandex, and I still can’t believe I chose a sport where I have to wear spandex in public.

So now that the food holidays are out of the way, it’s back to serious calorie counting.   Otherwise that spandex is going to be even less attractive than normal.  Yikes.

6 thoughts on “Spandex: Not Just for Superheroes

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