What is perfect race weather anyway?

terrible weather forecast

The weather team at our Fox affiliate has a good sense of humor.

After volunteering/spectating last weekend at the Columbia tri, my thoughts were on the race weather for my upcoming triathlon.  My biggest fear was the water.  It’s been cold and wet.  Centennial Lake was 61 degrees, and I hope that the water is at least that warm (hopefully much warmer) for my race this weekend.  Something around 65 would make me very happy.

But Mother Nature laughed at my concerns.  “Water?  You’re worried about water?  I’ll show you water!”

Saturday’s forecast?  Rain.  Lots and lots of rain.  Steady rain.  “[T]he consensus has been for the heavier activity to be between 8 am and 2 pm. Rainfall rates suggested by models are .10 to .25″ per hour.” (Source)  Thankfully no storms on the horizon, which makes for a cancelled race.  Instead we get to spend the whole race wet.  I hope I don’t drown on the bike.

Racing in the rain is always an adventure.  It definitely makes the bike a challenge.  The plan is to reduce the pressure in my tires, slow down, and stay off the painted lines on the road (which can be very slippery).  I have clear lenses for my sunglasses, so those are getting popped in as well.

Not sure what I’ll wear.  Definitely some sort of arm covering – I learned my lesson racing in the rain last year.  That stuff hurts!  I have a windbreaker that I may wear.  But really, I’m just going to be cold and wet.  Warm, dry gear in the car is going to be key.

So think safe, dry thoughts for me.  This is not the way to prep for a super hot 70.3 for later in the season. But it’s still good training nonetheless.

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  1. I hope the rain holds off for you until after you cross the finish line. In 2010, my husband and I raced in an event that was shortened on race morning from an Oly to a sprint due to weather. It POURED on us!! As I crossed the finish line, the tornado sirens were going off. It was a huge fiasco!! I hope you don’t encounter anything like we did!! Safe racing 🙂
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