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Team Fight at Tri CampThis weekend, I spent much of Saturday helping out at the Team Fight tri camp for the ladies doing the Iron Girl Columbia sprint in a few weeks.  This is the first year since I started triathlon that I won’t be doing the race, so it was awesome to get out there and help out.

It was also awesome to realize just how far I have come.  We started the day with an open water swim.  I remember coming out to this water a few years ago and really struggling and Coach Dawn telling me that it was normal – that I had to remember that I knew how to swim, that I was competent in the water, and that I would be fine.  She was right, of course.  Doesn’t mean that I won’t have a moment of panic, but now I know what to do and how to deal with it.  So when I found out there was a camp going on, I offered to help out.  These sorts of workouts have given me so much, so it’s awesome to give back.

I spent some time in the water making sure that the ladies didn’t crash into each other or go totally off course.  The group looked great – some super fast swimmers, some slower swimmers, but I have no concerns that every single one of them will finish the swim.

Then it was on to the bike.  I helped make sure that they got onto the bike course, and then rode around, making sure that everyone was okay.  Some big things that we worked on were proper passing skills (call out, go wide enough, and if you’re being passed, don’t feel like you have to move over – hold your space) and general bike handling skills.

I stayed out on the bike while the ladies did their run as well and rode with one of the slower runners.  We thought she was the last one out there, but there was another duo still out.  Whoops.  But they were together, so it was all good.  I also noticed some of the runners having some… support issues.  Ladies. Get a good sports bra!  I am obviously a champion of the Enell, but whatever you wear, make sure that you aren’t bouncing all over the place.

Because my tri bike was in the shop, I did this whole workout on my road bike, and it became abundantly clear that it is too big for me.  I didn’t realize it when it was all I knew, but now that I’ve been spending time on a bike that fits properly, I see what the fitter was saying when he told me that the bike was too big.  It’s still a source of frustration – a bike shop wanted to get the bike off the floor so they told me it fit when it’s clearly too big (it’s a Felt medium, and based on size charts, I should be on a small – my tri bike is a 47, which is tiny in comparison).  But I’m not in a position to buy a new road bike, nor do I really need one.  And since having two bikes is helpful for when you break one, I don’t see getting rid of it.  I’m just glad to have my tri bike back (picked it up Saturday after the workout).

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  1. Sounds like a good weekend! I’m really looking forward to the race and it’s been fun training with my sister. I still don’t have a bike though so I’m a bit stressed about that.

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