The Universe Conspires Against Me

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Among some triathletes, there seems to be a superstition that as your race approaches, the universe tries to make things difficult for you.

If you’ve seen or read 11/22/63, you know what I mean.  (If you haven’t, stop what you’re doing right now and go read/watch.  Seriously.)

So even though my race is over a month away, things are starting to get a little crazy.

Work is nuts, as expected.  We have a huge project milestone coming up mid-September, so that’s intense.  Going well, but still pretty intense.

My poor house… Let’s just say that someone who owned it before me did some very shoddy construction work and now I’m having to have some major work done on the house.  It could be much worse, but the work has only just begun and I’m not sure how long it will be until it’s complete.  Fingers crossed that as the work progresses, we don’t discover things are much worse than we thought.

Of course, the added stress is that everything that was once in my office is now stacked around the living room and dining room.  It’s… not relaxing.  I’m not a neat freak in any way, but the mess is definitely distracting.  Once all the repair work is done, I’m still going to have to rip out the remaining carpet in my office and paint the entire room.  I’m probably not going to get that done until after Augusta so… that’s fun.

Then on Wednesday night, the engine coolant light in my car came on unexpectedly.  The car wasn’t overheating, so I wasn’t immediately worried, but that’s something that needs to be dealt with.  A trip to the dealership later (all covered under warranty), everything was fine, fluids were topped off, and it was likely an air bubble that caused the light to illuminate.  Ultimately a non-issue (plus I got a free car wash out of the deal), but still just one more thing I had to deal with.

So now I’m just waiting to see what happens next with the home repairs and how many days I will need to work from home to get it done.  Thank goodness for flexibility in my work schedule!

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