2017 Race Plans

Well, it’s a good thing I didn’t make “keeping up with my blog” one of my goals, because I would have already failed.  This week has been surprisingly busy.  Of course, a big part of it is that I’m just not back into a realistic routine yet.  No more leisurely holiday time – it’s back to full work weeks, long workouts, and trying to squeeze in time for friends.

I think I’ve figured out my race schedule for the year.  It looks like I’ll be racing about once a month, which seems just about perfect.

skeeze / Pixabay

2/12 – Donna Half Marathon

3/5 – Little Rock Half Marathon

4/2 – Cherry Blossom Ten Miler

5/13 – Kinetic International

5/27 – Fort Ritchie Swimfest (all 3 “races” – 750, 1500, 2250)

6/4 – Escape the Cape Olympic (JUMPING OFF A FERRY BOAT OMG)

7/9 – Rev 3 Williamsburg Olympic

8/6 – Culpepper International

9/9 – Patriots International

10/8 – Army Ten Miler

11/26 – Space Coast Half Marathon

This schedule, of course, assumes that I get into the Army Ten Miler (I should, since I get early registration, having raced more than 7 times) and Space Coast (having been part of the last 4 years, again, I get early registration).  And I still have to sign up for some of the triathlons, but my credit card just isn’t ready for that just yet.

As you can see, this year, I’m focusing on the olympic/international distance triathlon.  I’m looking forward to really working on pushing myself through these distances.  Last year was really about building up to the bike distance and learning to pace myself.  Suddenly, a 25 mile ride doesn’t seem like much at all, so I can really work to increase my speed there.

Notably absent from this schedule is the Farm to Fork Fondo, which I adored last year, but after discussing with my coach, it’s clearly not the right thing to do this year, since I’m focusing shorter distance.  I will miss it, but that will make my return that much more glorious.

It feels pretty darn good to finally have this all figured out.  Now to get myself trained up for it all.

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