February Mileage Update

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As I mentioned last month, this year, I’m tracking my mileage much more strictly than I did last year.  That is to say, I’m actually tracking all of my mileage.  I have no idea what distances I covered last year, so I’m determined to figure it out for this year.

February was a shorter month, so my mileage was definitely lower.  Plus it’s still technically the off-season.  Next month, I fear these numbers.

Running: 38 miles
Biking: 180 miles
Swimming: 3.8 miles

Not bad considering I had a trip in there where I did run a half marathon, but didn’t do much else in the way of exercise.  The swimming number is a little misleading too, since much of that was done when I did the Coeur 50×100 early in the month (note – that feels like so long ago!).

My goal for March is simply to stick to my training plan.  No missing workouts.  On the days I have strength and cardio, I’ve been doing the cardio first, based on the common wisdom that I will be more warmed up for the weights that way.  Instead, I’m going to flip that around and do my strength training first.  I find that if I’m going to skip a workout in a week, it’s going to be the strength training following a cardio workout.  If I flip them, I get the strength workout out of the way first, and I won’t skip the cardio because race season is coming!

Yearly Totals
Running: 84 miles
Biking: 407 miles
Swimming: 8 miles



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