July Mileage Update

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Well, July was certainly a month of highs and lows.  Highs include an amazing race at Rev3 Williamsburg.  Huge PR, even with the ridiculous water and the foot injury.  Lows include slicing open my foot and screwing up my training for the month, then struggling to get back on track.  I’m fighting with some tightness in my right hip and quad, likely from walking stupid thanks to cutting open my left foot, so that’s meant a lot of time with the foam roller and the massage ball this month.

I wouldn’t have been surprised if July was my lowest training month of the year.  It’s not – that was February.  But I didn’t beat it by much.  Also February has 3 fewer days.  It should theoretically be my lowest training month.

So you know, having a low training month mid-season probably isn’t the best idea.  I am racing next week and it’s a challenging course, so I don’t have any real goals other than to just race strong.  It’s going to be a comparatively slow race, and the low training isn’t going to be a huge help.

July Totals
Swim: 4.3 miles
Bike: 204 miles
Run: 35 miles

So yeah, it’s not terrible, but that run number is way lower than it should be.  Thank goodness I’m only racing olympics this year, because I think even the 10k is going to be a push.  Now that my foot has healed, I really don’t have any excuse to not get myself back on track.

2017 Totals
Swim: 33 miles
Bike: 1339 miles
Run: 316 miles

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