A Reluctant Yoga Practitioner

I can’t do this post at all. Nope. Pretty sure my arms don’t work like that. StockSnap / Pixabay

Guys.  I have never liked yoga.  I just can’t get into the whole “center yourself and feel the strength of the earth move through your body” thing.  When that happens, all I can think is “Hurry up, I’ve got things to do, let’s get this show on the road!”

But I may have been too quick to judge.  Turns out there are all sorts of types of yoga.  Which means that there’s probably one that’s right for me.  And one where I don’t have to envision the powers of the ancestors flowing in and out of my finger tips.  Or whatever.  Like I said, I stop listening when things get weird.

I’ve been dealing with some nagging issues in my hips and glutes.  It’s probably all tied to my piriformis and general tight muscles.  I have never been flexible.  I’ve been seeing a PT and doing a lot of strength work, and I’m definitely noticing improvement, but it’s been slow.

Since my calf muscle is still healing after tweaking it at Space Coast, my coach told me that I needed to be doing yoga every day to get my body stretched out and healed.  She recommended Yoga with Adriene as the best option, so I’ve been doing some of her videos daily, mostly the ones for runners, and I have to say, my piriformis feels almost perfect.  Now, the not-running as I heal is probably helping, and of course my PT exercises, but it wasn’t til I added in yoga that I really noticed an uptick.  I might just be ready to try a 30-day yoga challenge.  It’s on YouTube, so I can really do it anywhere.

Also, my shoulders are perpetually tight.  I try to stretch them out, but I don’t have anything structured that I do.  You know what might help with that?  Yoga.

So I guess I’m going to be sticking with this yoga thing.  You still aren’t going to find me in yoga class every week, but I can certainly do a 15-20 minute video after my workouts.  Maybe someday I will be able to touch my toes.


3 thoughts on “A Reluctant Yoga Practitioner

  1. I am very limited in flexibility and learned my balance is awful. Like any exercise routine I struggle to actually start each day. I googled Yoga for Adriene for Runners and her first pose was sitting with feet crossed on the mat. This is so uncomfortable for me. It hurts my ankles. Maybe getting back to my lack of flexibility. HA! Thanks for mentioning this, as I have watched some of it and I am interested, but the whole crossing of the feet in front just is not happening anytime soon. I like the concept of 20/30 min. It makes it so much more doable than an hour.

  2. It’s a slippery slope! I could never stand yoga until I found the Rodney Yee DVDs and then I discovered the hot vinyassa classes at CorePower and now I do go to yoga every week. 😉 I think the pace of the vinyassa flow keeps me from getting to impatient!

  3. I also find yoga difficult but later I found out that there are different kinds of yoga. You just have to be patient in finding the right one for you.

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