You are too kind

Thank you all for your kind words on Monday’s post.  It was just something that I needed to get out there, maybe more for myself than for anyone else.  Either way, it felt good to have it said and now I’m back to thinking I’m awesome.

Well, actually right now, I’m sick.  AGAIN.  I know a lot of people get sick right after a big race, but I seem to be getting sick around a week after a big race.  Does that make sense?  Either way, I actually sucked it up and went to the doctor and basically, I have a viral sore throat.  No strep, so no need for antibiotics.  I’m just supposed to rest, drink lots of fluids, and take Advil.  I’m actually okay with this, but I’m ready to get back on the training wagon.  Apparently, a ten mile run doesn’t qualify as rest though.

I’m going a bit stir crazy, to be honest.  I’ve been teleworking so as to not spread this illness to my coworkers, and I’m completely disappointed to be missing Take Your Children to Work Day.  Kids love me.  We’re on the same wavelength.  But while we like to send kids home with souvenirs, perhaps a virus isn’t the best souvenir to share.

Anyone have any great sore throat remedies?  Someone suggested Jack Daniels and honey.  That sounds pretty strong, but I might try it just the same.  It might be delicious, after all!

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