Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week was an insanely busy week.  I won’t even talk about how many hours I put in at the office.  But hey, at least I earn comp time, so I’ll get those hours back… sometime.

Monday – Rest day.  Where I worked almost 12 hours and then went to choir and then came home and face planted into my bed.  It is entirely possible that I don’t comprehend how “rest” works.

Tuesday – 60 minute trainer workout.  These are awesome.  Hurt so good.  I’m clearly a hermit of an exerciser.  I love my trainer and my treadmill.

Wednesday – Missed workout.  As I posted last week, I went to Ellis Island and got home late.

Thursday – Skipped my swim workout and did Wednesday’s missed speedwork instead.  I figured that my next swim-related race isn’t for many months, but my next running-related race is in a month.  So running was more important.  This is how my brain works.

Friday – 60 minute trainer workout.

Saturday – 8 mile run.  My legs are absolutely dead.  So I’m clearly doing something right.  The trainer workouts are leaving me super wobbly, which hopefully is a sign that I’m working hard enough to earn some improvements in next years races.

Sunday – 1:55 trainer workout.  This one was rough.  The cats kept looking at me because of the noises I was making.  So hard.  And so awesome.  I love it.

I really think that I love trainer rides so much because I do feel like I can push my muscles to their limit.  When it comes to running, my biggest issue is my heart rate.  And that does come into play with biking too, but it’s more when I’m climbing and less when I’m spinning.  I’m sure as I get stronger, the heart rate issues will come into play more (because I’m pushing myself even harder).  But for now, it’s so awesome to feel like I’m giving it everything I’ve got and not having to slow down because my heart rate says no.

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