That Time My House Nearly Burned Down

Yesterday, I got home after a lovely weekend away with the girls.  I walked up to my bedroom and went to flip on a light and nothing happened.  Strange.  I checked the bedside lamp as well and realized a breaker must have been tripped.  I wasn’t sure how, since I hadn’t been home, but who knows.  I went into the basement, discovered that yes, a breaker had been tripped, reset it, and went back upstairs.

And there was light.  Hooray!

A bit later, I noticed that my jewelry hanger had fallen off the wall.


Not this one, the one just like it on the other side of the mirror.

Not unusual.  I went to pick up the necklaces and discovered what had tripped the breaker.

This necklace



Had fallen just so that it landed directly on this air freshener



And managed to slide down to rest on the prongs.  Yeah, not a great thing.  It apparently got so hot that it started to melt the prongs.  And the necklace melted in two as well.


That can’t be good.

I went back downstairs, flipped the breaker back off, and unplugged the air freshener and tossed everything.

I didn’t take a picture of the outlet before I cleaned it off, but this is what it looks like now.



It was a total freak accident, but I am so lucky there was no real damage.  I will probably have an electrician out to check out that outlet at some point, but for now, I just plan to not use it.  I’m so glad that the breaker tripped as it was supposed to.

And I will be removing all of my heavy necklaces off of that jewelry hanger.


When I bought my house a little over two years ago, unbeknownst to me, it came with tenants.



Now, thankfully, squirrels have no tenants’ rights, especially when they aren’t paying rent and seem to destroy their living spaces by turning wires into nesting material.

So I had them evicted.

Two years later, I’m pretty convinced they’re back.

They’re sneaky little buggers, so I haven’t heard them in the attic yet, but I’ve noticed a lot of squirrels climbing up the side of the house (straight up the brick!) and there’s also a bit of insulation in my front yard.  I’d say those are signs.

Admittedly, the last eviction probably wasn’t done properly.  It was done by the seller’s agent during the closing process, so they probably did the bare minimum.  No luck this time, squirrels.

Of course, I am a total sucker, so I found a pest control company that specializes in animals (instead of bugs) and that simply traps and relocates rather than kills the squirrels. I know they’re just big rats with tails, but I don’t want to kill them!  I just want them to live somewhere other than in my attic.

So for now, it’s squirrel trappin’ time.  Unless I can convince them to pay rent and not build their nests out of my electrical wires.  Then they are welcome to stay.
photo credit: Tomi Tapio via photopin cc

Cleaning and Organizing

I’ve been a slug this week.  After Sunday’s half marathon, the plan was to take a day or two off, then do some light training and weight-lifting in preparation for this coming Sunday’s half marathon.  But at choir Monday night, I noticed that I was struggling to hit notes and my throat was very dry, and by Tuesday, I had a full blown cold.  Doing better, finally, but I’m still pretty congested.  I’m still planning to run on Sunday, I just have to be sure to take it easy and make sure I’m hydrated.  I’m not worried though.

So while I’ve been resting and being a slug, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs.  A LOT of blogs.  Since buying my house last year, I’ve become obsessed with home improvement blogs and organizing blogs.  What frequently bugs me about these blogs is that so many homes start to look curated.  How do people live in homes that perfect?  Where do you put your stuff?  And why are all your collections so well themed?  Don’t you have random stuff that you love?  That’s why I love sites like Young House Love.  Sure, their house looks awesome, but they show you how they stow all their stuff.  And they’re not afraid to show you the rooms that aren’t so perfect.

My house is far from perfect right now.  I still have bare walls and pictures waiting to be hung (something I want to take care of this weekend).  It’s slowly starting to feel put together, but it’s not a quick process.

Seeing all of these home improvement projects makes me want to go through my house and document the “before” state, as I continue to get things looking the way I want them to look.  I would love to someday have incredible “after” pictures to share.  But I have a lot of work ahead of me.


Week in Review week… 6?

Missed a week somehow.  Didn’t get a whole lot of miles in last week, mostly thanks to the weather.  Went out and tried to do a solid 8 miler, but the weather sort of thwarted that one.  So just under ten miles last week.  Not great, seeing how close we are to the half-marathon.

This week’s looking better.  I got to the gym both Tuesday and Friday, so I’ve already got 8 miles under my belt in preparation for tomorrow’s 10 miler.

This coming week’s going to be interesting.  On Monday, we’re doing the final inspection of the house.  Haven’t seen it since the last, not so great inspection.  I’m hopeful, but nervous.  Based on the info I’ve gotten, they’re doing all the work correctly.  I’m just hoping that the information that we’ve received is truthful.  If all goes well, I close on the house on Friday.  Scary!

Week in Review – Weeks 3 and 4

Well, like I said, I’ve been a bit of a slacker.  But my numbers aren’t that bad.

Last week’s mileage – 12 miles
This week’s mileage – 12.1 miles

The problem with that mileage is that I did weekend long runs of 8 and 10 miles.  So I’m clearly not getting in my midweek runs like I should.  That’s something I really need to work on, hopefully this week, though the approaching storm (AGAIN) could affect that.  I did today’s ten miler on the treadmill (ugh), so treadmill runs are definitely doable.  Not my favorite thing in the world, but it could be so much worse.

My goal this year is to run 600 miles.  That’s 50 miles a month.  I know that many months will be way over, but it allows me some rest months as well.  I hit 48 miles this month – not bad, but not as good as it should be, considering I’m running a half marathon in 28 days.

As I mentioned, I stopped lifting because I tweaked my shoulder.  Planning to pick that back up tomorrow.

On the house buying front, we looked at 4 houses yesterday and none measured up to the house I currently have a contract on.  So now I’m just going to wait and see what happens with the repairs they’re working on.  And hope that the snow doesn’t affect that as well.  I’m not sure what happens if they can’t get everything done in time for closing.  I’m okay with extending closing, but I don’t know what happens then with my mortgage rate lock, etc.  So I’m just waiting as patiently as I can.