Santa Paws

Holidailies Prompt: Pets and the holidays – share your stories

I think anyone who has pets will understand this statement.  When I go back to my hometown at Christmas, one of the things I most look forward to is hanging out with the dogs.  I don’t have dogs right now, due to cost and lifestyle (and the fact that the cats would then murder me in my sleep), but I love them dearly and miss having them around.  So getting to spend a week at my parents’ house with three giant fur beasts is amazing.  I’m pretty sure only one of them recognizes me, as the other two didn’t come into the family until I moved 13 hours away, but they’re all still fun to hang out with.

And of course, I get to visit with my nephew dog and my brand new niece dog.  FIVE DOGS.  It’s the best party ever.

I’m not sure what my cats think of Christmas.  They definitely like sleeping on the nice soft tree skirt underneath the tree.  I don’t think Cadu has climbed the tree yet this year – at least I haven’t noticed any fallen ornaments.  My poor tree is nearly ten years old and is being replaced after this year because one of the branches is hanging on very precariously.  One year, Cadu decided that he was going to sleep in the tree on that branch.  I don’t understand how this was comfortable for him in any way, but he seemed to enjoy it.

And to those of you who say “I can’t believe you let your cat do that,” clearly you don’t have cats.  They do pretty much what they want to do when they want to do it.  Unless I put a floor to ceiling barrier around the tree, the cats will get to it.  And honestly, they could probably figure out how to thwart the barrier too.  They’re crafty little buggers.


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