Worn out

Can you have jet lag when you were only one timezone over?  And can it last several days?  Because I think that’s where I am.

The Saturday before Christmas, I left and headed to my hometown for the holidays.  The following Friday, I flew to Michigan for a friend’s wedding.  I got home this past Sunday.  So I was only gone for just over a week, but it felt like such a long trip.

I think a huge part of it was just being out of my routine.  I wasn’t eating well and I certainly wasn’t working out as I should have been.  And the scale definitely reflected that.  Unfortunately, I’ve got an even longer trip coming up starting this Sunday.  Oh, don’t get me wrong, it involves a football game, my birthday, and a marathon and tons of friends and family and so I’m looking forward to it.  But at least it will be a more active trip, not only with the marathon, but with walking around the parks at WDW and even standing and cheering at the football game.  I need to remember to try to eat properly while we’re gone too.  I think that’s a good part about going to Disney – it’s easy enough to find healthy food there.  Of course, it’s also easy to find unhealthy food, so I just have to make good choices.

One thing that will help is that I’m participating in Run with Jess’s weight loss challenge.  It’s pretty awesome, partially thanks to DietBet.  Everyone pays in $10, and then you aim to lose 4% of your weight in 4 weeks.  For me, that’s a little under 2 pounds a week.  Doable.  Probable?  Honestly, not for me.  But everyone who makes the goal then gets to split the pot of funds.  I’m really hoping I can do it, and the added weight from Christmas can actually help me in this one.  I just have to eat smart.  The marathon won’t hurt either! For me, my biggest problem is mindless eating and stuffing myself.  I need to make sure I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m not.  Simple, yet very challenging.

(I also decided that if I do win, I will donate all my winnings to my Team Fight fundraiser.  I’m also working up other ideas of how to fundraise.  I’m thinking an Etsy store, perhaps?)

For the next few days, I have to get the house cleaned up, finish the laundry and PACK.  Packing for this race is scary.  I’ve already got a big list made.  Now to put all those things into a suitcase and hope I don’t forget anything.  Yipes.


One thought on “Worn out

  1. “Can you have jet lag when you were only one timezone over?”
    Definitely! I think you can even get it when you travel in the same time zone. For example, my daughter for a while was living in Canada. So, to go visit her I went to my local Amtrak station, caught a train to Boston (a bit over an hour), local transit bus from South Station to Logan Airport, go through the usual airport TSA security farce, sit around in gate area, get on airplane, fly to Toronto, change planes, fly to Ottawa, arrive tired and semi-braindead. (And this is on a very nice airline with comfortable roomy seating that serves free beer and wine and food on its flights.)

    So yes, DC to the midwest… yeah, I can understand feeling jet-lagged.

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