Another First


Last week, I took my bike outside for the first time all year.  Yes, it’s a bit late.  Yes, I have a triathlon in a month and a half.

This was my first ride with my clipless pedals.  So it was a bit scary.

At first, I decided I was going to ride on the road that runs alongside the trail I run in the park.  I thought it would be easier than the winding trail. (Side note: I originally wrote windy, but then realized that word can be interpreted – and pronounced – two different ways. No wonder English is so hard to learn.)  About a mile in, I decided to hop over to the trail.  Cars are scarier than tight turns.

Of course, the trail also meant dealing with pedestrians, a few of whom were not so polite, but I see that when I’m running too.

My plan called for a 50 minute ride, followed by a 25 minute run, so I figured I would bike out for abut 30 minutes and then turn around.  I suspected I would be faster on the way back due to both the hill pattern and the fact that I would be more comfortable on the bike after half an hour.

I was having a great ride, and had pretty much figured out the clipping in and out.  I still feel like clipping out is a bit of a challenge, like I have to twist my foot really far.  But I’ll figure it out.  It might take a few adjustments.

And then I did what every cyclist does.  And what every newbie cyclist fears.

I fell.

My fall was exactly what everyone says happens.  I was stopped at a stoplight with one foot clipped out and then suddenly I got all tangled up and just tipped over.  Splat.  Little strawberry on my knee and a few bruises (I bruise super easily), but I’m fine.  More embarrassed than anything – I was at a busy intersection with lots of people watching.  No one laughed though, so that’s a good thing.

But it happened and I’m fine and I’m glad it’s over.  Doesn’t mean I’m not going to fall again, but now there’s no longer the fear of falling.  Crashing, still scary.  Tipping over?  No big deal.

Over the weekend, I went on another ride and it went much better.  No falling this time.  I’m sure it will happen again, but I’m so glad to be done with that first fall!


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9 thoughts on “Another First

  1. Oh scary! Really glad you’re ok. We bounce back from this kind of stuff so easily when we are kids – but now – there is a lot more at stake if we are injured. I’ve been sitting on the fence about taking up cycling lately – but am going to bite the bullet and do it. My city has bike paths everywhere – but I don’t trust the drivers and make just stick to bike trails — where I just have to worry about snakes, gators, and runners. I love reading about your tri training. Gives me hope that I can get there.

  2. I haven’t decided which scares me more – swimming or biking. In terms of training, biking is definitely scarier, but in terms of the triathlon, swimming is scarier. At least it’s first and I’ll get it over with the fastest. But so far, biking isn’t that bad. And it’s fun!

  3. Yikes! Glad you’re ok. That’s pretty much my biggest fear about biking. That and cars and I’m clumsy.

  4. Oh, I definitely understand. I’m pretty good at bike falls. My falls tend to be like yours, falls while stopped (or while going ridiculously slow). Each time has been sort of a how-the-hell-did-I-do-that kind of thing.

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