Busy Week

This is one of those weeks where my workouts go by the wayside.

Monday night, I had choir rehearsals, but it was a scheduled rest day anyway.

Last night, I had to run an errand for a friend and was also fighting off the last bits of a bug so really didn’t feel up to running.

Today, I’m putting in a 13+ hour day at work, so… no running.  Sleeping when I get home.  Lots of sleeping.

So that means that I hope to get my long mid-week run in tomorrow, then a long run on Saturday.  Sunday, I will be out cheering and Friday, I have a much needed 2 hour massage followed by lots and lots of shopping for race snacks for friends running MCM.

I know the week doesn’t seem that busy, but for me, it’s pretty insane.  I think it’s the 13+ hour day that really throws me off, to be honest.

And yet, I’m fully aware that there are people much busier than I who run much more than I do.  Those people are awesome.

(This post makes no sense.  I blame the fact that I’m writing it at 4:30 in the morning while waiting for the coffee to brew.)

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