Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week’s workouts were somewhat better, but I did still miss more workouts than I wanted.

Monday – Tried to make up for the missed long run over the weekend so I did 9 treadmill miles.

Tuesday – Swim drills.  These were a slog, possibly because it had been less than 12 hours since my treadmill punishment.

Wednesday – Trainer ride.  I continue to love working on drills here.

Thursday – I overslept today because I was absolutely exhausted.  I struggled to stay focused all day and ended up going home and crashing into bed.  So no swim practice.

Friday – I had some run miles scheduled but was still not feeling 100% so I opted to take an added rest day before the weekend.

Saturday – Pre-race rest


The missed workouts weren’t great, and I need to make sure that I hit my workouts, especially the pool workouts.  But the week ended up awesome, so I’ll take it.

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