Wednesday Workout Recap

Another week down!

Monday – Rest Day.  So glorious.  So needed after that race.

Tuesday – Swim drills.  I am really working on making sure that I kick from my hips and not from my knees.  That’s where I’m going to get more power at this point, and it makes a huge difference.  It’s just not natural for me when I swim.

Wednesday – One hour of bike drills and a 3 mile run.  I knew that I wouldn’t get in Thursday’s workout, so I dropped it in today.

Thursday – Travel

Friday – Kayaking!  Working up a recap of this.  But kayaking the Colorado River starting at the Hoover Dam was INCREDIBLE.

Saturday – Sleep.  Eat.

Sunday – 12:30 am “race.”  I am so not a night person.

This week is an easy week leading up to Sunday’s race.  I’m really hoping that yesterday’s rain hasn’t destroyed the water quality.  I don’t want the swim to get cancelled!  Fingers crossed.

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