Busy Schedule = Weight Gain

My schedule this month has been insane, as you may have noticed.  I’ve not had a weekend off since sometime in July.  Unfortunately, when my schedule gets crazy, two things happen.  One, my house becomes a complete disaster.  I keep up with what I have to (dishes, laundry), and everything else falls apart.  And two, I end up making poor eating choices and my diet falls apart.  And I start to gain weight.

While I’m hoping that some of the weight I’m holding onto is still water weight from my ride this weekend, as the days pass, that becomes less and less likely.

It’s not like this is a new issue for me.  And it’s not as if I don’t plan for it.  I have gotten fairly good at making sure I have healthy foods around.  But the problem is that when I’m tired and busy, I don’t make the choice to eat those healthy foods.  Or I eat too much of them.  Even things that are good for me must be consumed in moderation.

For me, another big part of the problem is that once I’m off the wagon, it’s like my brain says “Well, we’re down here, might as well enjoy it for a while.  That wagon will be there later.”  So if I travel for a weekend and race and eat out, when I get home, I don’t immediately go back to healthy eating.  Instead, I continue to add in things I don’t need to be eating.  I don’t know if it’s because my body is craving them or if I’m just being lazy.

But it’s something that I definitely need to remember going forward.  One off meal or one off weekend is fine, but I need to immediately return to healthy eating.   I need to make sure that I let myself have fun and relax without completely ignoring the need to be healthy and watch what I’m eating.

One thought on “Busy Schedule = Weight Gain

  1. I had the same problem and we couldn’t figure out why I would gain weight even though I was eating right and training a lot until I had several RMR (resting metabolic rate) tests done over several months. What we found out is during low levels of training I was burning anywhere from 70-100% carbs, but when my training was at high levels and I was racing that I was burning 70% fat. By changing the content of my food intake instead of just calories I finally started dropping weight. I’m down almost 20lbs and more than 8% body fat (!). It also gave me a solid baseline of how many calories to ingest to maintain or lose weight. I also had a VO2 max test done so I know how many calories I burn at different HR and by sport (bike & running) so I can dial into my nutrition needs. These tests did what the doctors couldn’t figure out. They knew I had a metabolic syndrome, but didn’t know what was causing it. It helped me so much that we decided to offer the RMR and VO2 max tests at my new business. Maybe this will help you. Email or call me.

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