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For years, I have listened to podcasts while on my long runs (or in the car, or cleaning the house, or…).

What’s a podcast?  Think of it as… a downloadable radio show.  No need to listen to it live or have a paid subscription anywhere.  You just download and go!   If you need more information on how to download podcasts, I’d recommend asking Google, since the details vary based on what device you’re using.  Instead, I’m going to tell you about the top three podcasts currently playing through my earbuds.

Serial – I first heard about this podcast thanks to Entertainment Weekly.  Serial is a podcast by the same people who do This American Life.  They take a non-fiction story and tell parts of it week by week, much like the serialized stories of old.  This isn’t like reading a chapter of a book each week though.  It’s much, much more than that.  The current story is about a murder from 1999.  The author is going through all sorts of old testimony and transcripts, reviewing maps and other information, and holding new interviews.  And it can all be heard on the podcast.  The 6th episode comes out this week, and I can’t wait to find out what happens next.  Note that you really need to listen to this podcast in order, but thankfully, all of the old episodes are available.

Stuff You Missed in History Class – A production of HowStuffWorks.com, this podcast takes you through all sorts of historical events, probably ones you don’t know too much about.  From battles to interesting characters to disappearing ships, this one has something for everyone.  The podcast has been on for years, so there are hundreds of back episodes for you to check out and download.  I listened to way too many episodes of this podcast while painting my closet back in July.  Each episode stands alone, so if there’s a subject you’re just not into, you can skip over it without any trouble.

Sawbones: A Marital Tour of Misguided History – I found Sawbones through Stuff You Missed in History.  A doctor and her husband dig through history and discuss some of the ridiculous ways we tried to fix ourselves when sick or injured.  This one is always entertaining, though I struggled to make it through the cataracts episode.  I’m normally not squeamish, but ick.  I’m not sure what my favorite episode has been so far, but the pregnancy tests one was pretty good, as was the one on self-surgery.  It’s amazing the human race is still around.

Those are my big ones right now.  Not your cup of tea?  No problem!  There are podcasts about everything!  Running, triathlon, tv shows, current events, games, movies, the list goes on and on.

What podcasts are you currently listening to?  I’m always up to download something new.

4 thoughts on “Podcasts: My Long Run Entertainment

  1. Definitely check them out, Abby! There are so many varieties out there. Something for everyone, I’m convinced.

  2. Megan, I’m a fan of Stuff You Should Know — the SYSK podcast has entertained and educated me on many a long run!

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