Wednesday Workout Recap

This recap is pretty pathetic. Because after two great weeks, I failed miserably.

Well, not miserably.  I went to some intense rehearsals for a concert series that went incredibly well.  And I managed to get through the week without getting sick, unlike a number of members of the choir.  There was something going around and I’m pretty pleased to have not gotten it.  I chose rest over getting up extra early to run, and it was probably the best plan. I can’t afford to be sick before a race.

So my only entry for this workout recap is this:

Saturday – 8 miles in 1:50.  I ran outside and made it a goal to stay under a 14:00 pace.  No speed records here, but I managed to make that goal, and it felt great.

Then I went and sang another concert that night.  Ahh, the joys of being so cultured.

Next up?  RACE WEEK!

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