Wednesday Workout Recap

Last week was a week of highs and lows in terms of workouts.  It was taper week, which I always consider a win.  My body took taper to a new level though.

Monday – Swim.  I worked on breathing patterns and form issues that were pointed out to me during the weekend’s open water swim practice.  It’s little stuff, but it could make a big difference.

Tuesday – Easy 3 mile run in 38 minutes.  This felt pretty good and had me hopeful for a quality run on Sunday.

Wednesday – Went out to dinner, then came home for an easy 45 minute bike ride.  Nothing special.

Thursday – Either food poisoning or a mild stomach virus.  Either way, not fun.

Friday – Healthy-ish, but opted to not do much today, just in case.

Saturday – Spun a few minutes on the bike and walked a few minutes on the treadmill, just to keep things loose.  This wasn’t easy.  Then I laid in a hammock and hydrated.  That’s something I’m quite good at.

Sunday – Kinetic Sprint Tri

This week is also an easy week, which is nice, since I have a choir concert Sunday, which means three late nights of rehearsal this week.  Hoping to get in all the workouts even with the time limitations.  Now that Kinetic is over, I need to set my sights on Challenge Williamsburg and nail that Oly.

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