Wednesday Workout Recap

Well, for the most part, I got back to it this week.

Monday – Rest day.  Which was actually just touristing all day and not restful.

Tuesday – 4 mile run scheduled, but after 1.5 miles, my knee started to bother me, so I called it quits and did some strength work.  I have to be careful to keep my quads strong so my knees track properly.

Wednesday – My trainer is home!  Awesome service from Saris.  Hour on the trainer.

Thursday – Swim practice.  This was tough. Lots and lots of sprints, and I’m not a good sprinter, so this was a bit soul crushing.  But I got through it and I know that every workout makes me stronger.  I just have to remember that.

Friday – 45 easy spin on the trainer

Saturday – 120 minute structured trainer ride.  Good lord, this power meter was a terrible idea.  Now my coach can really make the workouts hurt.

Sunday – 12 mile run.  Not pretty, but it’s done.

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