Long Week

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So this was a holiday week and yet it felt like an insanely long week just the same.  I blame the surprise temperature increase.  When I raced Colonial Beach Tri two weeks ago, it was in the 50’s.  Last weekend, it was in the 80’s.  And just for fun, on Monday, I realized my air conditioner wasn’t working.  Turns out it just needed copious amounts of pollen removed and a few pounds of refrigerant, so many hundreds of dollars later, my house is once again a reasonable temperature (Of course, who knows what my electric bill will be, because that sucker kept trying to cool the house and failing.)

Thankfully, I could go to work to escape the 80+ degree house, but on Wednesday, I worked from home in the afternoon while waiting for the tech.  I only spent about 5 hours in the heat, but by early evening, I was absolutely exhausted.  From doing nothing.  I feel like people in pre-AC days either slept a lot more or were just much more sturdy.  Let’s be honest, probably the latter.

I also got to move my desk at work to a much more prime location (joys of seniority).  I hadn’t moved since 2011 and it was fun to find all the different things I had saved.  A whole bunch of half marathon maps (from the days when I actually looked at running race course maps before the race) and all sorts of promotional materials for upcoming runDisney races.  They certainly don’t need to put out promotional materials anymore.

Of course, after a beautiful, warm week, we’ve got rain in the forecast for the weekend.  Looks like my bike ride might get stormed out.  I’ll ride in the rain, but certainly not in a storm.

Oh well, more time for me to enjoy my air conditioning!

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