Wednesday Workout Recap

IMG_1765Today’s post features a picture of the snowstorm in January because I thought it would be cooling.  I have heard multiple people say this week “I’ll take this heat over the snow.”  Nope.  If I have to choose, I’ll take snow.

Now on to the recap.

Monday – Easy 45 minute bike ride to keep things loose.

Tuesday – Structured swim workout.  So much swimming.  I’m not sure what’s going on at the pool this summer, but the youth swims seem to have been scheduled differently, so it’s not such a fight to get a lane in the morning.  I absolutely love it.

Wednesday – 4 mile run, plus strength work.  I tried to do this outside and melted, so I opted inside instead.

Thursday – Supposed to swim, but we got hit with a pretty big lightning storm, so rather than drive the 35 minutes to swim only to find it cancelled, I opted to stay home and bike for an hour instead.

Friday – Glorious, glorious rest day.

Saturday – 50 mile ride, followed by a 1 mile run.

Sunday – 10 mile run.  The heat broke in Saturday’s storms, but the humidity was horrible.  I drank so much water on this run and never felt like I was sloshing.

The weekend workouts are just going to keep getting crazier.  This 70.3 thing is intense.

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