Wednesday Workout Recap

MichaelGaida / Pixabay

Last week was definitely a week I was dreading in my training plan, most notably the weekend.  But I made it!

Monday – Okay, so maybe the week wasn’t perfect.  Had a swim scheduled, but thanks to work, couldn’t get to the pool.  So this became a rest day.

Tuesday – Got in Monday’s swim.  Ultimately, because of the unplanned rest day, I dropped a 4 mile run from my schedule.

Wednesday – Killer trainer workout followed by a 3 mile run.

Thursday – Team Fight Swim.

Friday – Oh thank goodness, full on rest day.

Saturday – Farm to Fork Fondo.  There was supposed to be a 2 mile run after this, and I made it through about a mile of it before I just couldn’t do any more.  I was way too hot and exhausted.

Sunday – HarborFest swim followed by a 10 mile run.


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