Wednesday Workout Recap

It’s getting real.  It’s definitely getting real.

Monday – Trainer hill workout followed by a 3 mile run.

Tuesday – Long swim sets.  Thankfully, the 50m pool is open for two weeks, which makes long swim sets seem so much easier.  It’s going to be tough when I’m back to the 25m pool.

Wednesday – 4 hour trainer ride.  Yes.  4 hours.  Since I wouldn’t be able to do a long ride over the weekend due to travel and not having my bike, I had to get it in mid-week.  This was rough, especially since I was doing it after work, so it got late.  I also discovered that while I can sleep well after a 2 hour evening workout, 4 hours is too much and I didn’t get enough sleep Wednesday night.

Thursday – Missed my swim workout.  I was completely burnt out from the lack of sleep and since I had to be up early for a flight the next morning, I opted for bed rather than the swim practice that wouldn’t get me home til after 9.

Friday – 6 mile treadmill run.  I had help.


Taco kept walking across the incline buttons. This is not a hill workout, Baby Taco!

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 12 mile run through my hometown.  It’s not really big enough for a 12 mile run, but they’ve got an awesome new trail that was great to run through, and it passes by the hospital, which is good for water, bathroom breaks, and emergencies, I suppose.

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Workout Recap

  1. Awesome recap and I think I would die before I could do 4 hour on a bike! PS your cat is adorable 🙂 Mine like to be on the belt of the treadmill, but are not skilled enough to hang up by the control panel!
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  2. Thanks! Taco is actually my mom’s cat. He is adorable though – Mom had to bottle feed him from a teensy tiny kitten and because of this, we’re not sure he knows he’s a cat. Possibly part dog, part human. 100% awesome.

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