A Mouse!

Mouse, ProfileAs with every winter, there are mice in our office building.

Not rats, mice.

Little teensy tiny brown mice.  Annoying, and kind of gross, if you think about it.  But never something I’ve been particularly afraid of.  I always thought that the vision of people climbing up on desks and shrieking in fear when seeing a mouse was a joke.

I thought wrong.

Now, don’t get me wrong.  If a mouse were to suddenly run across my desk in front of me while working, I would probably gasp audibly.  But not because of fear, because of being startled.   And I would prefer they be elsewhere.  But I do not fear them.

However, the mere mention of a mouse in the office has sent some of my coworkers fleeing.

I am kind of surprised at the way our building management is handling the mice.  Apparently, snap traps are frowned upon, so instead we have unbaited glue traps.  That’s right, unbaited.  Why?  Because apparently people complained about the smell of the peanut butter in the traps.

I asked one of the guys if the unbaited glue traps worked.

“Not really,” he admitted.

So we continue to share space with the mice.  I’ve started naming them, much to my boss’s chagrin.

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